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The 5 Best Android Audio Recording Apps

After public demand, we've revised our list of the top 5 audio recording applications for Android.

Many of our customers have asked us to recommend the best speech or audio recording applications for Google's famous Android operating system.

More users are moving to Android than ever before, thanks to Apple's walled garden policy and recent weird decisions.

According to the most recent survey conducted in 2019-2020, Android is currently installed on 87 percent of smartphones around the world.

In 2021, expect the number to rise even further.

Apps that come pre-installed with voice recorders

Today's smartphones and tablets come with pre-installed voice recording software and high-quality microphones.
In reality, the majority of modern smartphones now have two microphones.

If you're just getting started, that's usually more than enough to capture interviews, presentations, workshops, seminars, or even podcasts.
These audio capture applications are decent enough to film music at concerts in some ways.
If you have an iPhone, check out our post on the 5 Best Voice Recording Apps for iPhone.
Android has audio recorder software pre-installed, similar to the Voice Memos program that comes pre-installed on iOS for iPhones and iPads.